Frankie Forever Memorial Benefit

My son Frankie was forty-two years old with an infectious smile known to light up the room. Youngest of brother Sam, Sisters Anna Marie, Cathy, Rosemary and Gina. He was the loving father of a 24 year old son named Frank and just became a proud and loving grandfather of a beautiful boy named Matteo. On February 11, 2012, a middle of the night phone call turned fear into a nightmare. Frankie's life was taken by a drunk driver. He lost his father just nineteen days previous to the crash. Frankie, still grieving his father's death, met a friend for comfort and support. On his way home, after his short visit, a first crash occurred which also involved a drunk driver, who left the scene, leaving him without aid. Frank's car was totaled. He thought he was so lucky, telling his girlfriend, Cynthia, to come and get him. A state trooper arrived at the scene, taking him to his emergency vehicle, sitting him in the back seat to keep him warm and safe. Safe he was not! A drunk driver, at the speed of 73 MPH without breaking, instantly took Frank's life. The trooper was injured, the drunk driver unharmed.

The case is still ongoing and AAIM has been our advocate through this difficult time and at every monthly court date. On February 10th we are having a "FRANKIE FOREVER" memorial benefit and fundraiser. Proceeds will be donated to AAIM, our way of saying "Thank you for your support".

Unfortunately, tickets are sold out and any donations to AAIM will be sincerely appreciated in memory of Frank S. Caruso, Jr.

My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a loved one
Mary Ann Caruso

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