Community Outreach Program

More than 90% of seniors in high school and 60% of eighth graders say alcohol is fairly easy to get.

Research shows that parent disapproval is the number one deterrent for underage drinking. Kids that learn from their parents about the dangers of underage drinking, illicit drugs, dangerous driving decisions and other risky behaviors are less likely to make poor choices. While many teens are making positive choices, parents can't help but continually worry about the challenges and potential risks that teens face in their lives.

Teachers and administrators have an important influence in the lives of their students. Help prevent underage drinking and work to change the environment that encourages risky alcohol and drug use in your community.

AAIM's Community Outreach Program will provide you with expert advice designed to be used for both middle and high school students. Your participation will help to ensure your teen has a healthy lifestyle and a positive future.

Your Community Matters

Make a difference in your community by inviting AAIM to your school.

This program will revolve around the issue of:

  • Parental influence on the use of alcohol.
  • Discussion on proven skills to prevent underage drinking and drug use.
  • Expert brain research and the effects of alcohol on the developing teenage brain.

For more information Contact: Pamela Barnett, AAIM Program Director 847-730-9466 or