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The Faces of Tragedy

AAIM For CommUNITY Event –
June 14, 2023
The AAIM for CommUNITY Event brings community coalitions and like-minded agencies from the Chicago Metropolitan Area together to provide information on social services available to the public. The goal of this event is to reach out to disadvantaged and under-privileged individuals and families in need of community services. This event is open to the public and free of charge.

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Outreach is critical in serving people who are members of disadvantaged and under-privileged populations. Accessing services can be complicated by geographic isolation, language barriers, cultural intolerance, disability, and/or lack of social support. The AAIM For CommUNITY event will work to address these issues and will give victims and families hope that there is help available and people do care. Serving diverse populations could include meeting specific needs for low-income families, people of color, individuals living in rural areas, immigrants, individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities. Working to change a person’s environment will shape their healing and provide them the tools needed to help heal and build trust.

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