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The Heidi Roseen Story

The Heidi Roseen Tribute
September 18, 1960 – July 8, 2012

Heidi was a registered nurse at Christ
Hospital in Oak Lawn. Throughout her
thirty-one years as a critical caregiver,
​ she received many awards. It wasn’t until her death that she received the Daisy Award given to her by her co-workers for outstanding compassion to her patients. She also received the Healers Touch Award for the meaningful difference she made in the lives of the people she touched. She loved her career, family and most of all serving the Lord our God. She was an extremely active member in the Baptist Church of Orland Park.

It’s been two years since Heidi’s death, and the ripple effect has affected our family in the worst way. We miss her every minute of the day. I cry every night for her; I long to hold her in my arms again. The hurting is on my family and me. She took a vow with me ‘til death do us part’, but I can’t let her go. These eyes have seen a lot of love but will never see another love like I had with you...Rest in peace, Heidi.

Until me meet again,
Tom, Gretchen, Audrey, Andrew

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