Top Cops Honored by AAIM

AAIM recognizes Illinois “Top Cops” at our annual Benefit.  These police officers have demonstrated a proven commitment to traffic safety in the fight against impaired driving.

AAIM has been conducting a DUI survey from municipal and county police departments across the state since 1990.  By publicly recognizing the achievement of the top departments and individual officers, we reward those currently doing a good job and inspire others to increase their efforts as well.

The survey provides a valuable service by encouraging citizens to compare the DUI enforcement record of their local police department with that of other communities.  As a result, public pressure can be applied, where needed, to make DUI enforcement a priority.

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Top Cops Honored by AAIM

​Top officers receiving awards for 2016 are:

​​Trooper Eric David — ISP District Chicago / 297 arrests
Officer Timothy Walter — Chicago PD District 19 /  210 arrests
Trooper Lucas Sniady —  ISP District Chicago / /196 arrests
Officer Elliot Tupayachi — Chicago PD District 19 / 180 arrests
Officer Phillip Travis —  Chicago PD District 16 / 128 arrests
Officer Tesfai Tewelde — Chicago PD District 25 / 124 arrests
Officer Carlos Ortiz — Chicago PD District 19 / 119 arrests
Investigator Andrew Hartman — Rockford PD / 118 arrests
Officer John Fermon — Bloomington PD / 107 arrests
Officer Dennis Dwyer — Oak Lawn PD / 105 arrests 
Officer John Maclaren —  Chicago PD District 19 / 105 arrests
Officer Mark Januszewski — Chicago PD District 24 / 103 arrests
Officer Joseph Yohanna — Chicago PD District 24 / 101 arrests

​Top departments receiving awards for 2016 are:
Rockford Police Department for making the most DUI arrests in Illinois (459)

Carol Stream Police Department for making the most arrests per officer in Illinois (5.17)

AAIM received the National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) Citizen Activist award

for our survey and recognition of outstanding departments and officers.