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Kelly Krenzer

​​Victim Advocate

Kathleen Fletcher

​​​​Victim Advocate

Victim Advocates

AAIM Victim Advocates

Most people don’t consider it a crime to drink and drive.  Each year drunk drivers cost the U.S. $50 billion in lost productivity, property damage, medical and other costs.  The grief and personal loss they cause cannot be measured.  AAIM’s victim service advocates are ready to help:

  •  They talk to victims anytime, any day, 365 days a year…

  •  They get involved with lawyers, judges, state’s attorneys, police and doctors on behalf of victims…

  •  They go to schools, to court, to the hospital, and sometimes even to funeral homes…

  •  They provide a safe place for grieving families in support groups…

  •  They secure financial assistance to those who are in economic crisis because of an uninsured drunk driver.

Below is our dedicated staff servicing crash victims:

Margaret Borcia

​​​​Victim Advocate

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Cindy Huerta

​​​Victim Advocate

Carrie Kilpatrick

​​Victim Advocate

Kristina Lawler

Program support Specialist​


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