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InTEXTicated? / Illinois Teens Public Service Campaign

By way of introduction, the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1982 by families who lost loved ones in drunk driving crashes. The Mission of AAIM is to prevent deaths and injuries caused by chemically impaired or distracted operators of any motor vehicle or watercraft and to assist victims of these crashes in Illinois.

April is distracted driving awareness month. To help educate the public about the dangers associated with distracted driving, the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists have teamed up with traffic safety partners on awareness campaigns throughout Illinois. Distractions while driving can be separated into there distinct groups: Visual, Manual and Cognitive.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in 2017, cell phone distractions resulted in nearly 2800 crashes. And, 7% percent of the people who died in those distracted-affected crashes were teens 15 to 19 years old.

New research released by the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety finds that even though 97 percent of drivers agree that texting or emailing while driving is a serious problem and a threat to their safety, 39 percent admit to having read a text or email while driving in the last month, and 30 percent admit to having typed one.

Crash numbers have dropped over the past 20 years, but teens continue to have the highest crash rate of any age group in the country. A number of factors contribute to this, but distractions play a heavier role than anything else.

The sobering message makes it clear that the consequences of both impaired driving and texting while driving are the same – deaths and injuries.

A component of the campaign will focus on the use of an electronic device while driving and passenger safety. A traffic safety award will be given to a local Illinois high school, high school student or community group whose 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) video creates the greatest social impact.

As part of this PSA, student groups should highlight Traffic Safety research that studied the cause of distracted driver crashes, highlighting teen driver distractions. According to research, the most common forms of distraction leading up to a crash by a teen driver included:

  • Interacting with one or more passengers: 15 percent of crashes
  • Cell phone use: 12 percent of crashes
  • Looking at something in the vehicle: 10 percent of crashes
  • Looking at something outside of the vehicle: 9 percent of crashes
  • Grooming: 6 percent of crashes
  • Reaching for an object: 6 percent of crashes


  • Video should be no more than 30 seconds in
    ​viewing length and submitted as an MP4
  • Only original or royalty-free music can be used
  • When filming in the car
    • Seat belts must be worn
    • Car must be safely parked
    • Filming cannot occur in vehicle driving down the road
    • Videos with cars in motion will not be considered


  1. *Influences in your driving choices
  2. Passengers are the number one distraction for teen drivers
  3. *Drivers are still distracted for 27 seconds after they put the phone down
  4. *Speak up, say something for your safety
  5. Utilize or create your own campaign hashtags: #intexticated #aaimtosavelives #dontdrivedistracted …etc.

Video will be uploaded and shared across social media platforms including the use of hashtags.

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

  • You are encouraged to include your school logo, and you may also use the AAIM logo
  • Completed Model PhotographRelease Form must be signed by guardian for everyone participating in the project. Release Form must be mailed with your video submission to PSAcontest@aaim1.org
  • Final video must have a group name and be emailed to
  • PSAcontest@aaim1.org no later than noon on Monday, March 29, 2021
  • There is no limit on the number of videos per school/group that can be submitted
  •  Any submitted videos could be shared through social sites

CANNOT be used or seen in the video

  • Clothing containing any logos or words of brand or company
  • Illicit drug uses, smoking or vaping
  • Nudity
  • Foul language


  • Most Creative
  • Social Media impact
  • Three required messages are contained in the video
  • All of the required criteria outlined in these guidelines are met

The top five PSA videos will be determined by campaign committee members. The five finalist videos will be uploaded to AAIM’s Facebook page and judged by “LIKES” from your peers - Voting April 5 - April 25, 2021.

The first-place winning group will receive $750.00, second place will receive
$250.00, and third place will receive $100.00. The winning videos will be announced on AAIMs Social Media, displayed on AAIMs website, and featured in AAIMs newsletter.

The video that receives the most "likes” by 11:59 pm on April 25, 2021, will win! Vote early, vote often, and don't forget to SHARE the InTEXTicated message! But please, when you share, make sure to remind your friends and families that all voting must take place on AAIM’s Facebook page original post!

If you have any questions, please contact
PSAcontest@aaim1.org or 847-240-0027.

2020 Winners:

More Info

Illinois Teens Public Service Campaign


From left: Caroline Naraky, Director, Summer Parker-Hall, and Mykal-Michele Parker Hall, Actors.

AAIM proudly announces the winners of our 2020 Don’t Drive InTEXTicated video contest. Loyola Academy, Wilmette, IL students, Caroline Naraky, Summer Parker-Hall, and Mykal-Michele Parker Hall, did an outstanding job creating a message to portray the dangers of distracted driving. Due to COVID-19 and school closings, AAIM postponed Distracted Driving and Alcohol Awareness month to May. We will share the work of these lovely young ladies to spread the message of road safety and we encourage you to share their work as well! School closings for the remainder of the year made it difficult for students to create videos with friends and classmates, causing submissions to be lower than anticipated. We understand the inconvenience and emotional effects this pandemic as brought upon us. AAIM looks forward to schools reopening and to our youth, continuing to spread positive messages throughout our community. Please remember to share our Facebook posts to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving!

Congratulations ladies!