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To encourage drivers with cellular phones to report erratic driving to police, AAIM initiated the "Drunkbusters" program in 1990.  AAIM gives $100 to tipsters whose call led to a DUI arrest.  In 2021, AAIM gave $18,700.00 in rewards. Since the program's inception, we have awarded $770,300.00 and removed 8472 impaired drivers from Illinois roads.  This life-saving program has been recognized with first-place awards from the National Safety Council, Ameritech, and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. The drunkbuster program is going strong in Boone, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties.

This program runs year round in Boone, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, McHenry, Lake and Will Counties and statewide at holiday times.

DrunkBuster Facts

Program started in 1990 throughout the entire state of Illinois with a $10,000 donation from an AAIM member.

DB pays $100 to citizens who report an impaired motorist that leads to a DUI arrest.  POLICE MUST OBSERVE DRIVING BEHAVIOR BEFORE MAKING AN ARREST!

Citizens have reported drunk drivers from convenience stores, gas stations, even an oil change store; but the most popular method is via cell phone.

Citizen calls police later to see if arrest was made and police fill out verification form and send to AAIM.

Program ran in Southern Wisconsin for two years (5/91-5/93), paying 30 awards.

Program went National for 1 year (5/92-5/93) through State Highway Police.  Paid out 51 awards.

In 1993, funds were running out, so program was reduced to Illinois Holidays only.

Funding was requested from individual counties using a state law, which provides that judges, as a condition of supervision, may sentence offenders to contribute to an anti-crime program.

McHenry County program started Memorial Day, 1994
DuPage County program started Christmas Eve, 1994
Lake County program started Christmas Eve, 1995
Will County program started Christmas Eve, 2002
Kane County program started January 1, 2008
Grundy County program started May, 2013
Boone County program started October 1, 2014

“My goal as Secretary of State is to make the roads of Illinois as safe as possible. Working together, we have initiated tough laws and cutting edge programs that have made Illinois a national leader in the fight against drunk driving. I commend AAIM for their ongoing efforts to rid the road of drunk drivers. By encouraging citizens to report impaired driving incidents to law enforcement, DrunkBusters has helped greatly in the fight to remove drunk drivers from our roadways.”
Jesse White

"AAIM’s 'DrunkBuster' program has helped create a rewarding partnership between the public and the police. This program has made the removal of drunk drivers everyone’s business."
Brian M. Cooper, Traffic Sergeant
Carol Stream, Illinois

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