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​​​​2021 18th Annual Bikers Take AAIM Against Drunk Driving

AAIM sponsored its eighteenth Annual
Motorcycle Pledge Run in Woodstock on
June 5, 2021.

More than 150 motorcycle enthusiasts participated in the
police-escorted ride in honor of motorcyclists who were
killed or injured by an impaired or distracted driver. Along
with the ride's founder, Randy Lounds, we are pleased to
​continue our association with the McHenry County Road
Pirates and Woodstock Harley-Davidson.  

Proceeds from this event benefit AAIM’s Victim Assistance Fund to aid those families that face financial devastation due to the death or an injury caused by an intoxicated driver.

Dedicated to the Memory of Motorcyclists who were killed  
​or injured by drunk, drugged and/or distracted drivers.:
James McFall – 12/27/58 – 07/02/11
Buvern Francisco – 09/30/78 – 05/23/12
Robert Zwit – Injured 03/28/13
Juan Martinez – Injured 09/07/15
Cynthia Dorado – Injured 10/03/2016
Jac Feltman – Injured 09/07/15

Net proceeds to benefit The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists Victim's Assistance Fund.

For more information on this event, call:
AAIM at 888-240-0027 (toll free)
Or visit the Road Pirates website at www.mchenrycountyroadpirates.org 

Mike Thornton – Injured 05/06/16
Amy Thornton – 08/29/73 – 05/15/16
William Johnson – 11/27/58 – 07/01/16
Dana Caldwell – Injured 8/30/2017
Patricia Breyn – Injured 01/26/2018
​Tito Rodriguez Jr.  – 02/20/1986 - 07/20/2014  

Bikers Take AAIM

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