In response to the special needs of victims and their families, and to become more sensitive to what is essential to them, AAIM established the Victim Services Program. The following services are offered to assist victims through this very difficult time. All services are rendered free of charge. 

Court Process

The criminal case can be confusing and stressful for victims. In most cases, victims are completely unfamiliar with the process. Through AAIM's Victim Services Program, AAIM personnel accompany victims to court. They track their case disposition to help ensure that justice is done and offer clarification and explanations about the criminal process, as necessary. No victim should have to face this alone. 

Impact Statement

Assistance is given in preparing Victim Impact Statements. The Victim Impact Statement is a written, personal account by a victim, of how his or her life has been affected by this devastating tragedy, within the guidelines given by the state's attorney's office. The Victim Impact Statement may be allowed to be read in open court. This decision is up the judge overseeing the case. Under the Victim's Rights Amendment to the Illinois Constitution, this statement becomes a permanent part of the defendant's record.

Support Group

AAIM offers a Victim Support Group that meets in Oak Brook, IL on the fourth Tuesday of the month and is open to all those affected by the devastation of a drunk driving crash. Children, too, are always welcome. The purpose of the AAIM Victim Support Group is to provide a safe place for victims to express their thoughts and feelings, and to offer support, comfort, understanding and encouragement. If you would like more information about the Oak Brook group, please contact us.


AAIM offers assistance in obtaining counseling referrals and legal referrals. All resources are only recommendations and are not affiliated with AAIM in any way. Many of AAIM's referrals have been suggested to us by victims who have used these services.


AAIM Victim Services personnel are not professional counselors, but are excellent listeners and always offer a shoulder to lean on. If you just need to talk or cry or let your feelings out, we will be here for you. Thank you for giving AAIM the opportunity to help - in any way we can.

Speaking On A Panel

Being a speaker on a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) can have a very positive effect for a victim. It becomes a tool for moving through the overwhelming emotional pain that accompanies the tragic loss of a loved one due to an impaired driver. It may also help promote personal healing. While AAIM does encourage this practice, the decision to speak on an AAIM Victim Impact Panel (VIP) is a very personal one and can only be determined by the victim. Victims interested in being a speaker are invited to observe a panel as a guest, before actually giving a speech. Victim Services personnel will assist in the preparation of a speech, as necessary. AAIM Victim Impact Panels (VIP's) are presented to DUI offenders in the courts, to schools, to community groups and to law enforcement.

Printed Material

Other printed material about AAIM and its programs is also available. Please contact the Schaumburg AAIM office to request information. You may also contact Victim Services personnel for limited materials.

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If you’re a crash victim in need of assistance, please reach out to Director of Victim Services at aaim.kristina@gmail.com, or our office at info@aaim1.org.


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