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AAIM is an independent non-profit Illinois citizens' action group working to reduce distracted and impaired driving on Illinois roadways.

Volunteer, meet new people and make a difference
Explore all the ways you can make a positive lasting impact in the lives of others. No matter what you have to contribute, nothing is to big or to small.

Run your own AAIM fundraiser!
Through our Peer-to-Peer portal, you can set up a social media campaign, a fundraiser event, build a team for a larger event and it is all done easily through the AAIM Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Portal

Why An Alliance?
No one group can do this job alone. Many organizations must work together - law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, local and state governmental bodies, alcoholism experts, teachers, but above all, citizens. Citizen action is the catalyst that can make it happen - and keep it happening. 

Who can join?
Everybody who is concerned about the drunk/drugged driving problem. Many members are victims. Others fear for themselves, their own families or friends. All see a critical societal problem that must be solved. 

If you join...
You'll be working with others to help solve a terrible problem that has already taken a human toll greater than that of all the US past wars combined. 

Working together, citizens can stop drunk and drugged driving
By changing attitudes. Driving drunk must become unacceptable behavior.
By enacting fair by tougher laws to deter drunk drivers.
By assuring stepped-up law enforcement efforts to stop and arrest drunk drivers. 
By insisting that drunk driving cases be handled faster in the courts and that the stiffer penalties available under Illinois law are applied to those who are guilty of this crime.
By getting drunk drivers off the roads. A driver's license is a privilege, not a right! Driving drunk waives that privilege. Licenses MUST be suspended and/or revoked as the law provides.

How you can join

Sign up online or send a check for your dues and mail it to AAIM.
Families pay $30 per year
Individuals pay $20
Senior citizens or students, $10.

AAIM's major sources of support are from members and other contributions -
which are welcome and tax deductible. 

For more information, please contact us at: info@aaim1.org 

Click here for an online Application.

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