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Roadside Memorial Markers

The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists is proud to advise that Roadside Memorial Markers to honor those killed in impaired driving crashes have begun to appear on state highways as the result of legislation proposed by the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown's Tina Ball Memorial DUI Task Force. AAIM served as a member of the task force since its inception in May of 2004. This task force was named after Tina Ball, a mother of seven, and an Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) worker who was killed by an impaired driver while working in a construction zone.

For many years, AAIM has been working with local agencies to install state signs where a fatality occurred as the result of an impaired driver. Family and friends of crash victims often erect temporary makeshift memorials which are often removed because they can become unsightly and also can cause a distraction to other drivers.

This program acknowledges DUI crash victims in a dignified manner. The uniform, easily-recognized signs also create awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving and will help prevent these tragedies.

If you are interested in the erection of an official marker, please download the DUI Memorial Sign Application and instructions. Read the guidelines and if you qualify, complete the application and send it to IDOT.

As we all know there will sadly be too many signs on the roadways. We hope that this will deter impaired drivers and save lives.

<< Click Here for Information regarding the Illinois Department of Transportation DUI Memorial Sign Program

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