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The Faces of Tragedy

Youth Speaker Panel

For young people, alcohol is the number one drug of choice. In fact, teens use alcohol more frequently and heavily than all other illicit drugs or intoxicant combined. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug among youth today and is more potent than ever.The AAIM YVIP program is designed to help prevent underage drinking, drinking and driving and other related dangerous decisions as a result of impairment. AAIM’s goals are to encourage our youth to have open, honest communication with their parents; reduce alcohol and drug related incidents; prevent recidivism; impact choices related to peer pressure; and increase accountability.

This program will encourage teens and young adults to make good choices thus decreasing behaviors that put themselves and others at risk. While some young people make good choices, others need to be reminded of the tragic consequences that just one poor decision can have on their lives and the lives of others. Sometimes they need to hear the story of someone who has been through the nightmare of bad choices either by themselves or others. The selected victim and offender speakers will share their very personal and painful stories in the hope of touching the heart of the young participants and impact their decision making process.

What young adults and teens will learn

Why individuals ages 15-24 are at a higher risk of death or injuries in a vehicle

• How peer pressure can influence choices

• How planning ahead of attending an event can make a difference

• How to develop open, honest communication with your parents or guardian

• How attitudes contribute to high violation rates when driving and / or with Zero Tolerance

• Recognizing the legal and personal consequences of DUI, underage drinking, illicit drug use and related incidents

We will discuss alcohol use and the law, penalties and the consequences of underage drinking, the use of marijuana and other drugs and driving impaired. We will also show some of the devastating effects of bad choices. Handouts will include penalties of underage drinking and related offenses such as Zero Tolerance offenses; fraudulent ID’s and illegal transportation of alcohol, drugs and/or open containers, etc.

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