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Diane Mains Story

Diane Mains, AAIM advocate, died unexpectedly after heart surgery in August 2006.
The recipient of this award is determined each year by AAIM victim advocates.

Diane’s 17-year-old daughter, Caitlin, was killed by a drunk driver a week before her high
school graduation in 2003.  Diane turned her horrific sorrow into action volunteering for
AAIM by speaking at Victim Impact Panels targeted at DUI offenders who have been court
ordered to attend.  The panels bring healing to a victim by giving them a forum to tell the
story of their loved one and make them feel like they are making a difference. 

Diane spoke to high school students throughout the area at their pre-prom prevention
programs.  Diane became a part-time victim advocate for AAIM in 2005 and was instrumental
​in developing a working relationship with McHenry and Lake County State’s Attorneys. 

In all her efforts, Diane championed the cause of justice for the victims of impaired driving crashes. In honor and memory of Diane, AAIM is pleased to present  the Diane Mains award to acknowledge outstanding courtroom work assisting the victims of this crime

Michelle Bradford-White
Victim Witness Specialist
6th Municipal District Markham Courthouse
Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Edith Hernandez
Victim Witness Specialist
4th Municipal District Maywood Courthouse
Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

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The Diane Mains Award For

AAIM developed an award in memory of Diane Mains to be presented to a State's Attorney Victim Witness Assistance Representative for outstanding dedication to the needs of impaired driving crash victims and their families.

​The 2017 Award was presented to: