Erin Olmsted 2016 Memorial
Gymnastics Invitational

The 2nd annual Erin Olmsted Memorial Gymnastics Invitational was a huge success! On January 7th, ten of the top high school gymnastics teams from the Chicagoland area competed in Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise and All-Around. This Gymnastics meet was one of the last before the IHSA state meet and considered by many to be the premier prelude to the state meet.

Erin lost her life at the age of 17 by a drunk driver. Erin was a senior at Carl Sandburg High School, an honor student, two times Varsity Gymnastic Captain, and active Gymnastic coach at Tumbling On U.S.A in Orland Park, IL.

After Erin's untimely death the Olmsted family wanted to do something to honor her life and help keep her memory alive in he community she loved so much. The Olmsted family has held numerous events to support the Erin Olmsted Scholarship Fund and the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists.

Each year scholarships a presented at Carl Sandburg and Plainfield East High Schools. During the past 19 years $113,000 has been awarded to 57 students. In addition, over the past nine years $102,000 has been donated to AAIM as a direct result of the Olmsted family fundraising efforts.

The Erin Olmsted Scholarship Fund and Donation Drive will continue to run through January 30, 2017.

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What is Erin's AAIM for Change

This past March marked the 20th Anniversary of Erin Elizabeth Olmsted's death, a beautiful 17 year old girl who was killed by a drunk driver.

Erin was a senior at Carl Sandburg High School, an Honor Student, Varsity Gymnastics Captain, and active Gymnastics Coach at Tumbling On U.S.A. in Orland Park. More importantly, she was a loving daughter, sister, and friend to many. Erin was a wonderful person. Her unexpected, sudden death devastated not only her family, but the community in which she lived. She has been missed each and every day.

Throughout the past twenty years the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM), a non-profit organization based in Illinois, has been helping the Olmsted Family with constant emotional support. AAIM is committed to helping victims of drunk driving. Their help includes, but is not limited to, financial support, emotional support, legal support, and education regarding the consequences of driving while intoxicated.

Erin's sister, Kate, has been working alongside AAIM by speaking on Victim Impact Panels at High Schools, Universities, and Court Houses. Because AAIM is a non-profit organization, their various support programs are sponsored completely by donations.

From the beginning, our family wanted to do something to honor Erin. We wanted her memory to live on in the community she loved so much. As a result, the Erin E. Olmsted Memorial Scholarship was founded. These Scholarships are presented to deserving students at Carl Sandburg and Plainfield East High Schools, and over the past 19 years, $113,000.00 has been awarded to 57 recipients. In addition, over the last 9 years, $102,000.00 has been donated to AAIM as a direct result of this event.

Erin was killed just short of fulfilling her dream of graduating and going to college. With these scholarships, we hope that the recipients will take "a little piece of Erin" with them as they go off to college and always remember her dedication, hard work ethic and burning competitive spirit - that the sky is the limit and to make a difference in the world.

2014 was also the last Erin's Walk/Run event. AAIM will be forever grateful to the Olmsted family for their continued support of our mission and AAIM's victim's Assistant Fund in memory of their beautiful daughter, Erin. 

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