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Congress Cuts Victims Of Crime Act Funding:
A $700 Million Blow to Victim Services.

My name is Rita Kreslin, and I am the Executive Director of the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM). Founded in 1982, AAIM has been a pillar of support for crash victims, offering financial and emotional assistance through victim advocacy, education, and court monitoring programs. Our advocates help victims navigate the court process, understand their rights, and provide emotional support during these trying times.

As a result of Congress's cuts to the Crime Victim Act Funding, we face a significant funding deficit and urgently need your support. Our dedicated advocates are committed to providing victims with the best care, support, and empowerment, but they cannot do it without proper funding.

Since 1982, AAIM has provided victim advocacy to over 144,000 crash victims, serving 2558 individuals last year, many of them from distressed communities in Northern Illinois and the Chicago Collar Counties. We estimate that we will serve 2,500 or more victims in 2024. Over the past 32 years, AAIM  has provided more than $836,682.00 in assistance for burial costs, education, utilities, rent, medical expenses, groceries, clothing, therapy, childcare, and transportation.

To continue our vital work, we need your help. Your support will enable us to provide essential services to crash victims and their families. As we face the devastating consequences of losing 100% of VOCA funds, we humbly ask for your compassionate support. Behind every number is a statistic, there are real people-individuals and families whose lives have been forever changed by the tragedies of impaired and reckless driving. They are our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones. They are the heart of our community and desperately need our help.

With your help, we can ensure no victim walks this challenging journey alone. Together we can turn pain into purpose and transform despair into hope. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to a world where crash victims receive care and the justice they deserve.

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